Sullen Days

by handwrist

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released January 23, 2016

All sounds, words and images composed, performed and produced by Rui Botelho Rodrigues




handwrist Lisbon, Portugal

a solo musical venture that can somewhat be described by the incredibly meaningless term 'Psychedelic Jazz Rock'. for metadata purposes, though, it's great.

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Track Name: Sullen Daze
It's been too late
For a long time now
Let's desintegrate
Please show me how
I need to know
Right now

Before the sudden burst
Of sullen days resumes

Sullen days, sullen daze...
Track Name: Nematode's Sleep
For a brief moment
The window of chance is open
To break off the chains and run free
Cause the nematode's asleep

It won't be easy
he's feeding off of you
But there's the opportunity
and you've got to take it
You've got to be quick
And catch him in his sleep

Time to feed off of him

Burn, choke, screw his hide
He's off his guard
Destroy, smoke, he's out of himself
For now
It's time to hit him hard
Sleep, sleep, leech
Track Name: Orbifolds
If you were to find the path
You would have done so by now
And if you were to see the light
It would have blinded you somehow

As the sun sets for good
on what was once the dawn of a new day
to remind you all
that everything finds its way
to death and decay

But even when the world has died
you'll be holding out
for a savior
that won't come
Track Name: Different Me
I used to be a memory
Relived once again in an LCD
For everyone to see
Just another different me

But things don't simply go away
And I'm probably just about to wake up
They're expecting what I used to be
But I'm some kind of different me
Track Name: Trebula
A million years is not enough
To find a diamond in the rough
To try and love and rise above

It's all a merry go round
But it never gets off the ground
And sucks all that surounds

All in all we just comply
Deny what passes by
So we never get to try

As death begins to unveil
Her scheduled plan to bail
And she'll always prevail

In hindsight,
Every piece falls into place
And every joke seems to make sense now

It's just a function of time
To make everything grey and bare
So we're aware everything dies in the end

The rain's done washing our
Pain it flows down the sewer
As we mourn another hour
Of a life that never flowered

As dark days resume
The old safe womb
Spells certain doom
Track Name: Sysyphus
Everyone sees
Every day of the year
The same wasted pictures
And routines
And none of them clear

To watch and discern
The movements and learn
All the stones left unturned
It's time for them to burn

Time to unweave these wicked webs
Cause man and beast they end the same
So take those blinders off your eyes
And roll it up the hill, one more time

To find meaning in
The most random of themes
It's not ideal
But it's fun
Til it all comes undone

Time to unweave these wicked webs
Cause matter is irrelevant
Track Name: Self Exile
On self exile
For a little while
Like the birds who fly down south
As a way to do without

Like self-denial
You put up a smile
Like a turkey before the feast
Unaware of the twist

And all this time
Runs right in behind
And self-explains
The blood in your veins

It flows the wrong way
And it makes the edges fray
So you repeat your little lie
And lecture birds on how to fly
Track Name: By the River
Down by the river
I stumbled upon a dream
Floating on a stream

Down by the river
I saw the sparks fly upward
From the largest wave
a moving grave

Down by the river
I yelled out in despair
As I gasped for precious air

Drowned by the river
Let's take a final dive
While we're still alive

So try to find balance
Try to find peace
In a whirlwind
Try to find solace
in the wrestling waters of my prison
Give in to the water
And flush those sullen days away