rough fluff

by handwrist

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the recording sessions for this album were kind of unusual. at certain points the working material was 30+ tracks, including song-type songs, extended jams, meticulous instrumentals and short experimental tracks. it was a bit crazy at times.

because of this the direction of the album was also undecided until about a month and a half before the release. depending on the week, I was inclined to release a double album that included pretty much everything I had been working on; or release an album of psychedelic jams and fusion instrumentals; or it could have been an album with songs and little snippets here and there.

in the end I decided to go with a tried and true approach for me: a bit of this and a bit of that. in complete opposition to this I had almost no working titles for the album. the one I eventually chose came to mind very recently and, granted, it is a pretty silly title, but I like the sound and the contradiction in it and it was a hundred times better and catchier than any of the three I considered before.

overall I am pleased with the result. the sound is probably cleaner than previous albums, but I think it still sounds like handwrist and it won't feel out of place in my discography.


released June 23, 2016

All sounds composed, performed, arranged,
produced and mixed by Rui Botelho Rodrigues

Artwork by Rui Botelho Rodrigues.

Original picture from:
Repository: Library of Congress,
Prints and Photographs Division,
Washington, D.C. 20540 USA




handwrist Lisbon, Portugal

a solo musical venture that can somewhat be described by the incredibly meaningless term 'Psychedelic Jazz Rock'. for metadata purposes, though, it's great.

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Track Name: schoolyard
standing in the schoolyard
I had to try so hard to belong
all day long, to the tribe
I would have taken a bribe
but no one was offering

trading cards on the playground
no friends, loose ends all around

I would dream of ancient beasts
I would pinch my wrists
and bash my head against a wall
and the rest I can't recall

the teachers tried to shape my sight
but I had my eye on much more exotic sites

it's too strange they said
to every thought I've ever had
I couldn't rest or make a move
but I had nothing to prove
amidst the primitive machines
I had no words to fight their screens

so just leave me be
and stand aproximately
where I can't see you
Track Name: from Oaxaca
under stress
in a trance
all around me
barbed wire skeletons dance

but it's easy to ignore
all the fatal signs of bore
with which every human's blessed

trance forming
Track Name: dutch gin
left his keys behind
said goodbye, see you soon
he knows it's a lie, surely the kid will cry

all is lost so why try?
sketch a smile, drink his gin
dreaming of sacrificing two knights to get the queen

he's no longer bound
but he notes down time and place
he just wants to be found
every night a different face for a different price

unaware, shake his hand
understand, he doesn't care
a cruel mirror in every news stand

she won't dance no more
nothing will be like before
what will they say? is it too late to pray?
Track Name: highlands
can't back out now
I've bought the ticket and everything
the highlands aren't that far

why don't you socialize
I promise not to act surprised
when it all comes crumbling down
and falls appart

On windy days
I'll watch that murder of crows
dissing my woes
play on the snow

all night long
I'll be howling at the moon
are we there yet
to mark my lust with a branding spoon
Track Name: at 3am, a UFO
everyone runs towards danger
nothing's safe from itself
it's the enthropy that sets you free
from the stupid cocoon you call a self