by handwrist

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The "concept" of this album is very clear: living in a metropolis. From the perspective of someone with my temperament and personality, that means not enjoying it very much. So each song depicts a scene from life in that scenario and talks about some not so lovable characters one encounters when living in a metropolis.



released March 15, 2014

All music composed, performed, produced and arranged by Rui Botelho Rodrigues

Photography by Hugo Botelho Rodrigues.

'Bourbon for Breakfast' contains a quote by Edward C. Banfield taken from his book "The Unheavenly City Revisited".




handwrist Lisbon, Portugal

a solo musical venture that can somewhat be described by the incredibly meaningless term 'Psychedelic Jazz Rock'. for metadata purposes, though, it's great.

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Track Name: Enter
As soon as you wake up
all the vultures suround
and it seems that there's nothing you can do
to keep them away from you

and while they're out
fulfilling their stupid, little lives
I just want to be
home again
Track Name: Envy
"give it to me
i want it
cause you have it
and i'm envious"

"I covet
ever since i was a little boy
i bet there's something out there
for me to destroy"

and you vote to get yours
and i'll vote to get mine
and it turns back again
til it wipes out mankind

cause you're envious
and you'll lead this world to die
in the pit where your mind is
and where all your wishes lie
Track Name: Public Spaces
this is a normal day
i've seen the smoke and fire and the edges fray
and after a while
all the vampires leave their nest
except they don't suck blood
they just suck

and most everyone you meet
is either dumb or just a creep
part of the sub-mental elite
who spends their whole lives half-asleep
Track Name: Ones and Zeros
it's so hard to laugh
when facing common people
it's like the scene of a crime
except the only casualty
is their sense of humor
Track Name: Anti-Social Circles
Unfriend me
Track Name: Bourbon for Breakfast
bourbon for breakfast
in a holiday season
you will find no reason
that will make you long to last

bourbon for lunch
in a murderous treason
on this holiday prison
suicide is a hunch

bourbon for dinner
and you feel like a winner
as your blood gets thiner
and the hours go fast

bourbon for fast
you are only a sinner
and a little bit bitter
about all that is past

suicide is a hunch
for such a wild bunch
Track Name: Morons
Morons, why so many morons
living around me?