All flesh is grass and all its grace is as the flower of the field

by handwrist

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This is the first full-length album by Handwrist, borrowing the title from a passage in the Hebrew Bible (Isaiah, 40:6). The album was home-recorded with a DIY approach.

After a more straight-forward EP with shorter and simpler structures, it was time to try out longer and more complex songs and embracing a more progressive sound, while still being characterized by guitar-driven music.

The sound is a mixture of post and progressive rock and metal, featuring both calm down-tempo passages and harsh up-tempo music, as well as clean and growled vocals.

The lyrics of the album are somewhat naturalistic and scripture oriented, borrowing passages and themes from the Hebrew Bible.

While you can download the EP and Album freely (by choosing the "buy price" of zero), you can also buy it for any amount you choose, which would constitute a donation to the artist. So if you enjoy the music, and find it's worth some money, please donate by buying the music, and know that every dime received is invested in making more music and buying better material to make it. Thank you.

Included in the download is: front and back covers and booklet with lyrics.


released March 13, 2012

All songs composed, performed, arranged and produced by Rui Botelho Rodrigues, currently the sole member, composer, guitarist and vocalist. The bass, organs and ocasional synths are composed on MIDI and delivered by VSTs. The drums are a combination of samples and MIDI construction.




handwrist Lisbon, Portugal

a solo musical venture that can somewhat be described by the incredibly meaningless term 'Psychedelic Jazz Rock'. for metadata purposes, though, it's great.

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Track Name: Sailing Stones
All shapes and sizes,
In strangely drawn patterns
These sailing stones
forward they roam
To the unknown, to the unknown

Going forward.

Scratch the surface
Roll forward
To the unknown

Sailing stones,
Leaving a trail behind
Where nothing else grows
They grow uneasy.
Track Name: Foxfire
Light glowing low
A light to guide
Through false nightmares
Foxfire glow.
Track Name: Desert storm
Forty years under the blazing sun
And the deserts thirst
Vultures surround to see who falls first
As the worms prepare for an early feast

As I step into myself
And my circling conscience clears it's cycle
To fulfill all fantasies
While phantoms walk around me

Bring the Moloch nearer
To the fireplaces that serve
To worship the paper they print
And the pagan god of the state
Track Name: Red tide
Lives come and go
And the blood red tide still flows
Seasons come and go
And the fire tide still glows

Let yourself immerse
In the corrosive river
Burning in the heart of
The ocean's rearviewmirror

Spreading the rot
The fire tide leaves nothing behind or beyond
Killing and consuming
The overwhelming red
Swims to you and leads you to the Dead

Track Name: Maelstrom
Swallowed by the sea
Rowing hopelessly
Tidal waves punch me
Tidal waves roam free

Grinding stream, grinding stream

Eaten by the waters of a downward spiral
Tidal waves afloat, the storm began to grow
Powerful and merciless it pulls you downward
Hopelessly consumed and whole overpowered

by the grinding stream.

Give in to the whirlpool
Swirling tidal vortex
Sucked by the downdraft
Power of the grinding stream
Track Name: Sundog
A circle of light
A halo, like opal
Drawn in the sky
The phantom sun.

My phantom sun.
Track Name: The tree of knowledge
«I heard
Your voice
In the garden,
And I was afraid,
Because I was naked
And I hid myself.» (Gen. 3:10)

«The woman whom you
Gave to be with me
She gave of the Tree
And I did eat» (Gen. 3:12)