A Vibe to the Perplexed

by handwrist

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Euclid It's always a pleasure for me whenever Handwrist releases a new album. This guy is not confined by any genre and his inspirations seem limitless. Handwrist is one of the only modern musical acts that I know of that employs a true artistic attitude towards their music. The only comparisons that come to mind are Zappa, Pink Floyd and Tool: not because of the actual sound, but because of the drive to create pieces of art that convey a particular feeling or image through sound. Thank you Handwrist Favorite track: Enthropy.
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Hardo Very interesting stuff, strange melodies and a spacy voice.
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I had this title for at least four years, when I first read ‘The Guide to the Perplexed’, by Moses Maimonides. I wasn’t exactly sure what I would use it for. Somehow it felt right this time.

The album itself went through many different versions, sometimes containing up to 17 songs. Ultimately I thought this would be overkill. The ten that were left for the final cut are more than sufficient to convey the “vibe”. This is probably my most adventurous album, with the widest variety of genres and some of the longest guitar solos.

It is important to note that this is not a concept album, not even in the broadest sense (like some previous albums by Handwrist). There is no unifying theme or story and the songs are not necessarily related to one another, except for the “vibe” that runs through them. What I would like the listener to picture is a series of movies. If I had money (or, alternatively, means and talent) I would make those movies myself. For now, words have to suffice. Please bear in mind that most or all of the ideas described are, essentially, nonsense.

“evolve”. The journey from single cell organisms to modern human beings, with everything in between, adapting rapidly to a rapidly changing environment.

“misanthropy”. Humans transforming into pig-monsters, in Cronenbergian, body horror fashion. Then all the pigs become soldiers and world wide war ensues. At the end the whole world becomes dominated by the pig-monsters-soldiers.

“ripple”. A woman diving in super slow motion into a circular shaped pool with purple goo in it. As she starts to enter the purple goo, the ripples change color, getting stronger as they leave the point of impact and ultimately all the water gets pulled up, revealing the universe below.

“perplexed”. A black hole where ghost-type beings start coming out by the millions, and ripping each other apart until the black hole pulls them back in again like a vacuum cleaner, along with everything else in the universe.

“rootkit”. Lines of code. First slowly, then rapidly. Then one set of codes begins atacking the other, overpowering it.

“Sleep”. A girl sleeps. Above her head, we see her memories. Still undecided about what that would be exactly.

“At the gloomy carnival”. I always thought carnivals were gloomy and creepy. This would be like a nightmare at a carnival.

“The god of the machine” it starts with a young man being sucked into his computer and transported into a world of sentient machines, in which everything around him is mechanical, but has life.

“Enthropy” a team of scientists is tinkering with animals made entirely of dna strains. Whenever they tinker with it the animal transforms into another animal, until one of them is a human. Then the scientists themselves start to be tinkered with by that dna-strain made human, until they become different creatures. They all start dancing and decomposing until the entire floor is covered with dots of dna.

“Acid rain” acid rain falling over buldings and melting them, ultimately melting the entire earth.


released October 12, 2014

All sounds, words and images composed, performed and produced by Rui Botelho Rodrigues




handwrist Lisbon, Portugal

a solo musical venture that can somewhat be described by the incredibly meaningless term 'Psychedelic Jazz Rock'. for metadata purposes, though, it's great.

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