Branching Out

by Handwrist

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I am proud and pleased to present Handwrist's new album, Branching Out, and provide affordable and stimulating musical entertainment to those who seek it, yet again. The music in this album is not subsidized by any government or by any government endorsed/owned companies, agencies or institutions. The material in this album is not government approved. Possibly the opposite. This is the free expression of one individual who chose not to cave in to the natural laziness that often affects mammals of the human species.

This is the fifth release and fourth album in less than two years. Unlike others, I don't believe this large output affects the overall quality of the musical entertainment provided. I insist, however, in non-repetition. Making the same album over and over again is something that I am not interested in and that any serious artist should consciously avoid. As such, Handwrist has began with a fairly conventional alternative metal approach, gone on to embrace a post-metal, stoner rock kind of vibe, threaded on progressive and psychedelic rock territory and by this album the project should be pretty much uncategorizable. This will also be the first release by Handwrist to be completely instrumental.

However, disgruntled fan of the early material, I think you can still find something to bang your head to and feel happy about in this release. But the fact is that my aim is to make music that I would like to listen to. Hopefully there are freaks who have outgrown the ordinary and who like a little adventure in their life, or at least in their mp3 player, who will enjoy these pieces of music I have prepared so lovingly.


released September 16, 2013




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Handwrist Lisbon, Portugal

Experimental Rock from Lisbon, Portugal.

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